Snowcrystal refillable compacts are truly customizable and refillable. Here you can select the combination you prefer and tailor a set of products and shades that fit you perfectly.

First select the compacts and then products. Refill an empty shade or change to another combination – anyway you like!

Choose your shades according to your skin undertone; warm, neutral or cool. Fill you customizable duo compact and then refill when the pans are empty. It is practical, economical and environmentally friendly!


Together with a team of beauty professionals we created a logical system of makeup products, Custom Colour System™. We based the system on the key undertones of the skin: warm, neutral and cool. We developed the entire line of key makeup products true to the undertones. Once you find your undertone, you will be able to put together matching products within the line. Or introduce contrasting shades you want from other lines. Something for everyone and endless possibilities!


Each Snowcrystal product is categorized according to the colour. Hence colours with a higher percentage of cold, pink based pigments will be in the cold (C) category and warm, yellow based products in the (W) line. Colours that have equal amounts of cold and warm pigmentation are Neutral (N).


To reduce waste, we developed refill packages that offer great flexibility to customize your own cosmetics line. You can remove, refill and insert any palette and compose your compact so it meets your needs. We also reduced the number of packages to help you keep your cosmetics collection at a minimum and up to date. All the time.

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