Foundations are often too light. Or too dark. Or be a bit off. Or too pale.

Without the right foundation, we end up looking gloomy.
The tip is to find out the undertone of the skin, which is the colour just beneath the skin surface.

Determining the undertone will help you choose the right foundation colour.


The simple test is to apply fine lines of foundations on your jawline area between face and neck.

The colour that appears most invisible is the best for you.

If you don´t know the undertone we have collected here a few other tips that can give some guidance. And once you find your undertone, cool, neutral or warm, you will be able to put together matching Snowcrystal products, or introduce contrasting shades according to your preferences.

If off-white colours blend in best instead of a pale white colour, then your undertone is warm. If both blend equally well, then you could choose neutral.

Which jewellery fits you best? If gold does, you are likely to be warm. If both fits, go for neutral.

Does your skin tan and turn golden brown? Or does it turn pink and then burn? If you tan easily, you’re warm. If not, then your undertones are likely to be cool.

Are there certain colour clothing you find you look better in? If you look best in cool blues, purples you’re cool toned. If you favour warm earth tones like brown, olive-greens, you’re warm toned. If all fit equally well, you can choose neutral.

The veins on your inner wrist appear blue you are cool toned. If you’re warm, the veins on your wrist appear green. If you have trouble telling, your undertone is likely to be neutral.